Fraudulent Job Listings Alert

Synchrony has learned that scammers are impersonating Synchrony and posting fraudulent job listings. If you are a job seeker, please be careful not to be deceived.

The scammers:

  • Copy and redirect legitimate Synchrony job postings.
  • Impersonate actual Synchrony personnel.
  • Represent themselves as Synchrony to job candidates.
  • Extract personal and financial information from candidates, such as social security numbers and bank account/deposit information.
  • Send false documents to appear they are from Synchrony, such as an employment offer letter.

Watch out for red flags:

  • Confirm the validity and source of a job listing – they can be viewed at
  • Beware of impersonator websites or job listings.
  • Synchrony does not conduct interviews by online chat.
  • Synchrony does not require you to deposit a check or to submit funds during the application process.
  • Synchrony does not ask you to provide credit card information or install a payments app, such as the Cash App.

We sincerely regret that scammers have impersonated our company to perpetrate harm on job seekers. We are reporting this activity to law enforcement and consumer protection agencies, including the FBI and FTC.

Here is some helpful information if you have been impacted by these scams:

FTC – Job Scams – Signs of a job scam and how to report one.